Tract: Piano Field/Lontano (2014)


<em>Tract: Piano Field/Lontano</em> (2014)


Tract is a resetting of a much earlier very short piece for two pianos. It uses the available 4 pianos at Schott's principally for its spatial layout. The specific qualities of the recital and rehearsal rooms of Schott's, alongside writing for Contakt, are subjects that I have explored and used in several previous works. Topodrome, Time Folds, Ghosts and Dream Machine have all developed out of this space and these performers.

Tract sets out to explore 'place' in two ways, using the phyiscal rooms as mentioned, but also looking at two articulations of space/place.
These might be characterised as 'field' and 'object', or as open ground and enclosure - two different but related sound worlds.