Installations Date Length Instrumentation Venue/Funding/Performers/Notes
(heer) 2010   elec site-specific image and sound installation for two Window Galleries at Canary Wharf, London
Voice Atlas 2008   elec commission for August Art, London, unexhibited
Shadow Rounds 2007   elec commission for Spitalfields, London, public art works - Charnel house archeological site; funds from SDG and Arts Council England
Field Study 2 2002   elec Deluxe Gallery, London
Field Study 1 1999   elec Colville Place Gallery, London
Speakers 1998   elec site - specific sound installation, NWAB Arts Science and Technology exhibitions
Music works        
Tract: Piano Field/Lontano 2014 6' four pianos Tract is a resetting of a much earlier very short piece for two pianos. It uses the available 4 pianos at Schott Recital room principally for its spatial layout.
Dream Machine 2013 2 pianos, metronome sound track First performance by Contakt at the Universal Listening Machines concert, Schott’s Recital Room, London, 11/5
From hear to here: a line of enquiry: a sketch 2012 12' voice, cello, electronics Solo performance for the exhibition 'From Here to Here' Mile End Art Pavilion, London ‘… the line of wayfaring, accomplished through the practices of dwelling and the circuitous movements they entail, is topian…’ Tim Ingold, Lines: A Brief History
Ghost Studies 2012 3 pno, voices, perc Mixed graphic and notated score, written for Contakt ensemble performance at Schott's Recital Room 30//3/12
time folds 2011 11'47" pno, vln, vlc, sax, horn, vibes, perc, video
Topodrome 2011 12' pno, vln, ob, video
site_pitch_beat 2010 5'28" video
imMaterialisations 2009 c17' pno, ob, vb, elec for Contakt ensemble
Monte Carlo Credo 2008 1' elec
CODA 2006 c15' satb voices, elec
Still 2006 7'53" elec Download MP3
Radio Concert 2006 60' elec for Resonance 104.4FM, London; created with Paul Burnell, Deborah Broderick, Ann Wolff, Rebekka Wedell
twilight / darkening 2005 m sop, elec for Frances M Lynch
Wonderful Night 2004 c15' perc qtet for Brake Drum Assembly Download MP3
phrase transcriptions 2003 str qtet
Lure 2003 ob, elec
V 2002 c7' mez sop, pno, perc
Machine Code 2002 c4'30 mixed orch ens for CoMA, London Ensemble
Elements 2001 c8'30 pno, vn, fl, perc, e for IXION Ensemble
Meditation 2001 pno, elec
Lontano 2000 2pno Download MP3
for Andrea section 4 1999 mixed voices, elec graphic score
for Andrea parts 1&2 1997-8 solo m sop, ten
...but the sound... 1997 mixed orch ens
Versus 1997 voice, pno Graphic score created for Jane Manning/Jane's Minstrels; click here for detailed view
Tuning no 1 1997 elec
Sound Object for Ensemble (the weight) 1995 orchestra graphic score