John Doyle

Witness statements and last words

Middlesex to wit . . . . .

The examination and Information of Mary Poor taken on oath the 26th. day of September 1769 before me one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said County who Saith

That in the begining of the month of August one John Doyle with divers others assembled at the door of this Deponents House in the night and endeavoured to break and enter the Same, and there upon and to prevent the said House from being broke open, this deponent opened the Same, Whereupon the said John Doyle entered with others, and the said John Doyle then held up a drawn sword to this Deponents throat while the others cut out the Weavers work then in the Room, and then went away.

Taken and Sworn the Same day

Middlesex To wit

The Information of Thomas Poor and Mary his Wife taken before me this 26th. day of September 1769

Who being upon Oath severally say At first the said Thomas Poor for himself says that one Night in the Beginning of August last a Number of Persons came into this Informant's Apartments in his house in Shoreditch and feloniously cut and destroyed the Works in His Loom which was Bombazine Silk the property of Mr. Horton, and further says that Andrew Mahany William Ausfort John Vallile and William Duff and Michael Moore and one Coleman were some of the said persons who came into this Informant's Apartments and feloniously cut and destroyed this Informant's Silk Goods in his Loom as aforesaid, and the said Mary Poor for herself says that she was present with her said husband on the said night when his work was so cut and destroyed in his loom as aforesaid and that she saw William Ausfort William Duff, John Valline, Michael Moore, one Coleman and John Doyle in her said house at the Time afore mentioned some of whom cut and destroyed her said husband's Works in the Loom as aforesaid and the others were aiding assisting and abetting to them in the said fact, and further says that one and Flannagan and Cornelius Mahony were in the Alley close by this Informant's house at the Time aforesaid and that she verily believes that the said Flannagan and Cornelius Mahony were also aiding assisting and abetting to the said persons in the said fact

Sworn before me

Sept 26th 1769

I John Doyle do hereby declare, as my last dying words in the presence of my Almighty God, that I am as innocent of the fact I am now to die for as the child unborn. Let my blood lie to that wicked man who has purchased it with gold, and them notorious wretches who swore it falsely away.